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Icy Conditions and NGEN

NGEN may experience low power over the next few days as Houston experiences icy and wintery conditions. We know it’s tough to be without your favorite positive hip-hop and pop through 91.7 NGEN but we promise, any outages are temporary. We will return to full power as soon as possible!

In the meantime, you can listen online, on your Amazon Echo or other smart speaker, or on the free NGEN app for iPhone and Android.

Thank you for joining us in prayer, we are grateful to have you as part of the NGEN fam. Stay safe and stay warm!


  • Due to the icing condition brought on by the freezing weather, KSBJ and NGEN signals may experience low power and off air situations.
  • 92.5 KWUP in Navasota is currently off-air.
  • Why do the freezing temperatures affect radio transmitters?
    • The air temperature is quite a bit colder at the altitudes that the antennas are mounted on the towers, so even 40 degree weather on the ground can be freezing up at the height where the antenna is mounted on the tower.
    • The cold temperatures coupled with wind chill and precipitation causes icing conditions on the antennas.
    • The ice then causes the power being transmitted through the antenna to be reflected back into the transmitter. This is a dangerous situation for the equipment and can damage the transmitters.
    • Fortunately, the transmitters have an alert system that lets us know when this happens. At that point, in order to reduce the reflected power, either the power being transmitted has to be reduced by going to low power, or the transmitter has to be turned off.

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