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In Their Shoes

Star of HopeMost of the time, they are hidden in plain sight. Sleeping under bridges. Standing on street corners. Searching for their next meal. They are Houston’s homeless … we often see them, yet we look right through them. The Bible tells us that what we do for the least of these, we do for Jesus. Join NGEN radio and Houston’s Star of Hope as we look through the eyes of Houston’s homeless, as we walk in their shoes … as we discover how we can serve the least of these.

In Their Shoes: Experiencing Homelessness

That’s why our own Carder (KSBJ Morning Show co-host) and Ayana (NGEN radio’s Mack and Manny in the Morning Show co-host) have decided to embark on a journey.

Through the support of Star of Hope Mission (link to their site) they will experience a life of homelessness to get a glimpse of what our homeless brothers and sisters go through on a daily basis. And we’d like to especially thank Harris County Precinct 1 constables who will also walk in the shoes of the homeless and provide security for Carder and Ayana while they’re out. Will you keep them all in prayer as they learn what life is like on the streets and discover how to better help Houston’s homeless population?

Hear about Ayana’s experience in her own words!

How Can You Help?

Giving a homeless person money is the least beneficial thing you can do. However, there are concrete ways you can help the homeless population in your area. Here are a few: