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COVID Guidelines

NGEN Special Events is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation. What is posted below is based on the information known. NGEN will update the information and will modify any protocols to comply with the State of Texas or Venue requirements should precautions change.

NGEN Special Event Guidelines

In accordance with current State of Texas guidelines, there will not be any COVID-19 restrictions or required protocols for any currently scheduled NGEN Special Event. NGEN Special Events encourages event attendees to take the personal precautions they feel are needed to protect themselves and their families. For more details and Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) health recommendations, go to dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus.

Venue Guidelines

Event Venue facilities are independent entities and may implement their own restrictions or protocols. NGEN Special Events will do its best to inform event attendees of any COVID-19 restrictions or protocols implemented independently by Venues as soon as we are made aware. NGEN recommends that event attendees check Venue websites for more information.

Toyota Center COVID-19 restrictions or required protocols are on a per event basis. Any restrictions listed apply only to the event referenced and do not apply to NGEN’s for KING & COUNTRY concert on December 4.