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You Got This!

We have a winner! Congratulations to Scott, who got all five questions correct. Come back soon, as we start the game all over again.

It’s exciting and frustrating all at once. It’s the new game from NGEN and Marcus in the Morning, You Got This! The concept is simple, just answer five questions correctly and you win an iPad Pro! But if you get any question wrong, the game is over and we start all over again the next day. You don’t get to hear the next question until the previous question is answered correctly. The game is easy, but the questions won’t be–Google is about to be your new BFF! As long as you get a question right, you get to continue. Simple!

Follow along below for all of the guesses, right or wrong, and play every morning at 7:10am with Marcus. Listen online, on our mobile app or on your radio, but don’t miss out!



What will your answer be?