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Roll Call

They’re real! They’re tops! They really hit the spot!
They talk! You like when they open up the mike!
Their music is fire! It really takes you higher!
Who are they? Just guess! NGEN DJs, they’re the best!


It’s the brand new NGEN Radio lineup! There are some fresh faces and some of your faves in new spots. Check em out below and learn more about each DJ. Listen every day to hear what’s up and join in the roll call!

Marcus in the Morning

Monday-Friday, 6am – 10am | Saturday, 8am – 11am | Sunday 6am – 10am

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Middays with Lauree

Monday-Friday, 10am – 2pm | Saturday, 11am – 3pm

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Afternoons with Chris Chicago and Lil Ang

Monday-Friday, 2pm – 6pm | Saturday, 3pm – 6pm

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Evening Show with Neallytime

Monday-Friday, 6pm – 10pm | Saturday, 6pm – 10pm | Sunday 4pm – 7pm

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Brant & Sherri

Monday-Friday, 10pm – 2am | Saturday, 6am – 8am | Sunday 10am – 12pm

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