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The NGEN DJ team and staff are a seasoned and diverse group of professionals who enjoy sharing their experiences and gifts with others. Because of our diversity, we can offer professionally trained speakers equipped to discuss a variety of topics that would enhance the experience of your event.

Meet some of our speakers


Chris Chicago Chris Chicago is passionate about hit music. He has worked with some of the biggest names in Christian music and is responsible for many successful singles on the Billboard Christian CHR and Rock charts. Chicago has been in the radio and record industries for well over a decade specializing in promotion, marketing and problem solving. He also hosts the #1 syndicated Christian Hip Hop show on Rapzilla.com “Live With Chris Chicago,” heard in over 70 markets across the globe. We are super excited for Chris to be part of our fam as our Program Director and Morning Show host.

Angela A self-proclaimed “overdramatic weirdo,” Angela loves connecting with people (and often embarrassing herself) live on the radio. Some call her a hipster. Others just don’t know what to call her. She is recent graduate of Cedarville University with a degree in Broadcasting and background in music business. All it takes is a mention of music, coffee or traveling to get her excited.

Reyna Reyna Here’s what you need to know about Reyna: she loves to laugh. A lot. If she can make a joke out of something, she will, and you better believe it will be funny! Reyna and her husband, Gabriel, love Jesus and love telling other about Him and how He changed their lives. Reyna has been at our sister station, KSBJ, for almost five years. She’s been helping out NGEN here and there along the way, but we finally decided to make it official. Reyna is going to be a regular on the air at NGEN radio and nothing is going to stop her!

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