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Not Today Satan

Are you having one of those days? Spilled coffee … flat tire … bad hair day again?!? Here on NGEN Radio, we are NOT letting the enemy take our joy or our peace (or our good hair)!

Things happen. We all have bad days. We worry about money. We stress when things aren’t working out the way we want. We listen to all of Satan’s lies about us.

How about, instead of all of that worry and anxiety, instead of falling for another one of the devil’s tricks, we say, “Not today Satan!” We’re going to trust that God will provide. We’ll take that stress and anxiety and decide that we’re not going to be anxious about anything, instead we are going to pray. The enemy might want to attack, but we’re over here putting on the full armor of God.

We’re here for you! Here’s a resource to combat 20 of Satan’s most common lies. We’re sure you’ve experienced at least a few of them!

And we want to hear from YOU! Share with us how you’re saying “Not Today Satan.” Call or text us at 855.588.6436. Or join in the conversation on social.

We know God is in control. The enemy want to trip us up. But we’re saying No. Not today.