I’m a Feminist, and I’m Confused by Feminists

February 6, 2017

I pride myself on my tolerance, but I'm sick of being so accepting that I support what I should be against.

Take art, for example: I like some songs that use language simply because I like everything else about the song - the melody, the chorus, etc. I'm not going to rule something out entirely because it says something I don't agree with. Everyone has something to share, and I want to have ears to hear it.

But today I realized where my line is between tolerance and outright sin.

I'm in the gym, fumbling for a song to help me grind through another brutal set of bicep curls. I click on this song featuring the rapper Future, hoping for something up-tempo. What I get within the first 30 seconds made me change the song immediately.

"Hit her with no condom, had to make her eat a plan B," the guy rapped.


(egregious [adj.] outstandingly bad, shocking, gross)

I read the lyrics and the artists' annotations on Genius (cringing the whole time) and the producer himself said he didn't agree with this song personally "he just knows other people can relate."

Safe to say, I didn't change the song because I'm a prude.

I changed the song because I value myself and my identity as a woman too much to support someone who doesn't.

Women's rights are a huge issue in our society. The largest march in US HISTORY - with almost 3 million coming out to protest - just took place. The Women's March. Millions marched for the equality of the sexes - which is something I support wholeheartedly.

But how can we hope for a better future without talking about these deep-seated issues in our culture?

I love Ariana Grande's voice. I do. Judge me. But I don't understand how she (and nearly every popular artist today) can feel comfortable speaking out for women's rights and calling out guys she feels are part of the problem - yet can collaborate with rappers like Future.

It's as though there's this mentality that - "This is art, so it's ok to be indecent, disrespectful, sexist, and incredibly offensive here, but no where else."

WHAT? Why are we not outraged?! Art should be the highest and most respectable portrait of humanity, not what we've allowed it to become.

How is it that we're ok with hearing degrading and offensive things sung and rapped but the second someone says them to our face we're up in arms?!

In his song Desperados, Andy Mineo says:

"I'm sick and tired of songs that don't dignify a lady
But, baby we givin' them power
The moment you go out and buy it and give 'em yo' dollars"

I'm done supporting people who don't value women. There are SO many artists out there making incredible music that don't promote abuse and aren't sexist.

In the gym, in the car, wherever...I'm playing music that gives life. Nothing less.

About Angela

A self-proclaimed "overdramatic weirdo", Angela loves connecting with people (and often embarrassing herself) live on the radio. Some call her a hipster. Others just don't know what to call her. She is recent graduate of Cedarville University with a degree in Broadcasting and background in music business. All it takes is a mention of music, coffee, or traveling to get her excited. She'd love it if you'd join the conversation with her every evening from 7pm-midnight.

  1. IB says:

    Angela, I LOVE this piece!! I too love a great beat, especially one that gets me going in the gym, but enough is enough! I don’t buy any of this stuff and I’ve even tired of hearing the radio “edits” that no longer even swap out the bad words, they just beep over them. It’s so “egregious” that I’m only ever hearing 3/4 of a song and a 1/4 is all just on long bleeeeep. I thank you for being a righteous feminist, yeah, it’s a thing; and if it isn’t, let’s make it one!

  2. Lady J says:

    I LOVE hip-hop so when I heard that same line as woman I was disgusted and have been listening to NGEN consistently ever since! It’s nice hearing rappers speaking about their wives and treating them as women in their lyrics; which I’ve only found on NGEN.

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