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Live in the Mix

About DJ Tony Tone
Turn your speakers up LOUDER! DJ Tony Tone is on! Aka The Blessed Kept Secret, is a National Disc Jockey and Radio Personality. From early childhood, Tony really enjoyed listening and the art of playing music. While he loved playing music, and enjoyed the response the crowd would give, he often felt like something was missing. It was then that he heard God speak to him saying, “There is nothing wrong with playing music, I just want you to play for Me." Not fully understanding this experience with God, Tony obeyed, and began a new chapter in his life, and a transformation commenced. Now with Christ Jesus as his CEO, DJ Tony Tone is on a mission to change lives. From Hip Hop to Traditional, people of all ages appreciate his style in which he delivers the Good News and love of Jesus Christ.

Marcus in the Morning

Marcus Sullivan
Mon-Fri 6AM-10AM
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Midday Show

Lauree Austin
Mon-Fri 10AM-2PM
Sat 11am-3pm
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Afternoons w/ Chris Chicago

Chris Chicago
Mon-Fri 2PM-6PM
Sat 3PM-6PM
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Evening Show

Mon-Fri 6PM-10PM
Sat 6PM-10PM
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Brant & Sherri

Brant Hansen
Mon-Fri 10pm-2am
Sat 6am-9am | Sun 10am-12pm
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Saturday Mornings

Mon-Fri 4am-6am
Sat 9am-11am
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Live in the Mix

DJ Tony Tone
Sat 10PM-12AM
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Sunday Middays

Mon-Fri 2am-4am
Sun 12pm-4pm
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Sunday Afternoons

Sun 4pm-7pm
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Sunday Evenings

Kent Matthews
Sun 7PM-12AM
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