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Afternoons with Chris Chicago and Lil Ang

About Chris Chicago

Chris Chicago came to Houston from Nashville, and to Nashville from Albuquerque, New Mexico. With over 20 years of experience in radio and the music industry, he knows Christian Hip-Hop like the back of his hand. His other passions include all things Disney, his wife and three kids, and high-fives. Catch him around Houston at NGEN Events and he’ll be more than happy to see you and ask you “What-it-do, what-it-do, what-it-do?”

About Angela

A self-proclaimed "overdramatic weirdo," Angela loves connecting with people (and often embarrassing herself) live on the radio. Some call her a hipster. Others just don't know what to call her. She is recent graduate of Cedarville University with a degree in Broadcasting and background in music business. All it takes is a mention of music, coffee or traveling to get her excited.


Marcus in the Morning

Marcus Sullivan
Mon-Fri 6AM-10AM
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Midday Show

Lauree Austin
Mon-Fri 10AM-2PM
Saturday 11am-3pm
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Afternoons with Chris Chicago and Lil Ang

Mon-Fri 2PM-6PM
Saturday 3PM-6PM
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Evening Show

Mon-Fri 6PM-10PM
Sat 6PM-10PM | Sun 4PM-7PM
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Brant & Sherri

Brant Hansen
Mon-Fri 10pm-2am
Sat 6am-9am | Sun 10am-12pm
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DJ Tony Tone

DJ Tony Tone
Saturday 10PM-12AM
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Sunday Evenings

Kent Matthews
Sunday 7PM-12AM
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