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Afternoon Show

About jblaze

“Evolution” is the best word to describe Manuel “@Jblaze305” Garcia. With over 10 years of experience in integrated media (Radio, Web, Video) his desire is to change the face of media one platform at a time.

Garcia has been one of urban culture's most consistent supporters of the Latino, Hip-Hop, Christian, and CHH sound. Garcia is well-known for his support of the actual person behind the music as well. Artists like Social Club Misfits (FERN & Marty), Rhema Soul, GAWVI, and Leslie Grace did some of their first interviews on FNFLive, an iconic radio show founded by Jblaze. When the Christian Hip-Hop genre was skeptical of artists trying to do things outside the box, Jblaze played those who didn’t always fit in. Manuel has interviewed heavy hitters in the Spanish and English markets like Funky, Redimi2, Manny Montes, Andy Mineo, Sho Baraka, Tye Tribbett, Derek Minor, Trip Lee, Mali Music, Toby Mac and more.

He has branched off into blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and more. Jblaze is currently the afternoon radio host at NGEN radio (91.7 FM). He is a husband, father, and believer. Follow him on all social networks (@Jblaze305).


NGEN Morning Show

Chris Chicago
Mon-Fri 6AM-10AM
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Midday Show

Ayana Mack
Mon-Fri 10AM - 3PM
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Afternoon Show

Mon-Fri 3PM-7PM
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Evening Show

Mon-Fri 7PM-12AM
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Soul Glow Activatur
Fri Nights 10PM & 1AM
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That Just Happened

Kent Matthews
Weekends 12PM-1PM
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