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About Drew Wilson
Raised in East Texas, Drew is one of the few native Texans on the NGEN crew. He is proud of his upbringing, which would not have been complete without Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street and Ninja Turtles. Drew’s love for music started early on with him learning guitar and performing in many (garage) bands over the years. Later on, he spent years teaching guitar, leading worship and most recently playing lead guitar with the band Scientist. Drew received his degree in Communications from Stephen F. Austin and while recording an announcement at the local radio station he was asked to apply for a part time position. He quickly fell in love with radio and eventually received a full time job with the station. (he “fell in love with radio” how sweet…)
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NGEN Morning Show

Chris Chicago
Mon-Fri 6AM-10AM
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Midday Show

Ayana Mack
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Afternoon Show

Drew Wilson
Mon-Fri 3PM-7PM
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Soul Glow Activatur
Fri Nights 10PM & 1AM
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Kent Matthews
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